DIY drone - tutorial for developers | Part 6 - Mechanical assembly

The frame itself is quite obvious to mount as its documentation is quite clear.

But the motor assembly is not.

Here is the end result.

- use the carbon fiber mounting plate and mount the motor bottom first with the small philips screw. Just flat on it, nothing fancy.
- mount the motor + mounting plate on the frame with the 3 small TORX screws.

Here you can mount the wires either to the left or the right, I suggest to take a convention to show to which side the motor should turn. Look at this view as a reference (from the multiwii site) :

Then mount the axis (from the mounting kit) on the top of the motor with 3 TORX screws (again) but be careful they might be a little bit different from the frame ones.

Like this :

Then the little support for the propeller (from the mounting kit too).

Like this :

Then you need to pick the propeller adaptor which fits the best the axle (from the propeller package this time).

Like this :

And finally you'll put the cone at the top (from the mounting kit).

Now let's power up those motors !

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