Little things I would teach to my younger software engineer self - #1 Touch Typing

Looking back at the various stages of my career, I realized I could have learned some basic stuff way earlier than I did.
Even if I missed the original opportunity, all those little skills I acquired late served me tremendously well ever since. 

Welcome to this blog series where I'll go back in time and talk to... myself.

Let's start from the very very beginning !

1981-me: Hey look ! I am typing on my TI99, it is a com-pu-ter connected to a TV !

2014-me: Yes, it is awesome little man but doing that you'll catch some very bad typing habits...  You'll have to peek at your keyboard all the time for the years to come.

The good news is: it is never too late to correct that !

In a few years, you'll probably know your keyboard better than you think. The first thing I recommend you to do is to buy yourself a keyboard like this one.

Yep, you'll suffer a little bit at the beginning for the {}[]'"%$^ and you'll have to dichotomize to find the 6.

First step: be comfortable with classic touch typing exercises, the ones with word. Then move to the next level and master typing.io.

The day you'll be able to keep your eyes on your screen you'll discover a new world of flow and productivity.

Any tips you would give to your younger self programmer ? Feel free to comment below !

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