Few tricks to sort out and present recovered pictures

Often after a recovery with photorec/testdisk or any other recovery tools, you just have a flat list of files named by their index where the tool found it on the image.
Some are corrupted, plenty are irrelevant.

Let's say you have a bunch of jpeg to sort out.
So first, a tool to check quickly which one are corrupted or not :

On Gentoo:
emerge media-gfx/jpeginfo

Then from the directory where you have your flat list of images :
mkdir ok_images
jpeginfo -c *.JPG | grep "\[OK\]" | cut -d " " -f 1 | xargs -I {} mv {} ok_images/

In plain English : This will check the integrity of the images, find back those OK in the list, isolate the name of the file and pass the file names one by one to the mv command.

Next step, produce a nice picture composed from the thumbnails of those images:
The tool is imagemagick :
emerge media-gfx/imagemagick

Be careful here, this can take a huge bunch of ram so don't run it with a root account or you risk to have your user processes killed :). Monitor the progress with for example htop.

montage -set label '%f' *.JPG -geometry 128x128+2+2 thumbnails.jpg &

If it OOM, add swap or do it subset by subset.

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