Motorola Xoom first impressions

I initially wanted to buy an ipad 2 because we already have an ipad 1.
Meanwhile I had to buy a Xoom for a friend and, yeah it basically scrapped the ipad2 buying impulse.

The pluses :
- better screen resolution and slightly larger : it is better for reading
- fast : it doesn't have those android lockups you see on phones
- simple : one login and boom, my applications I had on my phone just automagically installed on my tablet, calendar, email... No need to have to enter your credit card with the sucky windows/mac-only itunes application.
- open : standard connectors, no need of extra horrible application to be able to access your device
- battery life really on par with the ipad (good surprised compared to the various android phones I had/tried)

The minus :
- the default skin is really ugly, but people started to release new ones so it will be fixed

Overall for the usage I have, this is truly an ipad killer.

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