Android Pick. Repligo : A tablet compatible PDF reader

With the nice screen resolution of the xoom (1280x800) I was looking for a good pdf reader.
I bought Repligo and so far I am quite happy with it.

I appreciate :
- The night mode button is directly accessible in the main overlay menu
- The text reflow also
- The index with thumbnails at the bottom is handy and relatively fast
- Nice presentation of the search result (a list of extracts with matches instead of jumping in the doc)
- Navigation : Pincer zoom works, tap or swipe for the next/previous page

I would like to have :
- an automatic restore of the last view mode used when you reopen a specific document (ie. my current book night mode with reflow, a document normal mode without any reflow)
- Port it completely for Honeycomb (it is still with the backward compatible menu in the bar)
- It should skip blank pages in books
- A double page (left/right) for pocket books could be nice

So after reading around 700 pages on it, I recommend it.

My rating : 4/5

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