Small tip : combine eix and emerge to fix quickly your gentoo

This morning, as usual I forgot to rebuild x11 drivers after a minor update of xorg-server and boom, xdm starts, can't do anything even going back to a console. So reboot, pressed 'I' like a monkey during the openrc execution (yes, sub-trick, always enable Interactive boot) So here is the trick when you finally reached the console Here, to simply rebuild xf86 related stuff.
eix -I --only-names xf86 | xargs emerge -p1
-I = display only installed packages --only-names = make them emerge compatible in output format -p = pretend, so you can check if you won't make a big mistake -1 = don't change your world file : it avoids added unnecessary hard dependencies on your system Once it is ok, fire it for real.
eix -I --only-names xf86 | xargs emerge -1


  1. You can use sys-kernel/module-rebuild also.

  2. ha this is awesome !
    I was using it for kernel modules but indeed, you can use it for any packages.
    Thx @Alejandro