"err" a plugin-based XMPP chatbot

Just to let you know we published the first preliminary version of "err", a plugin based XMPP chatbot.

It is based on the long tradition of IRC bots but for a more modern media (Jabber/XMPP).
It has been tested under openfire and hipchat, but it probably runs on any jabber service. It can be used 1on1 or with MUCs (chatrooms).

We love it and the development team uses it daily at mondial telecom with a bunch of custom plugins.

It that can download and start plugins on the fly from git repos / tar.gz urls and developing plugins is quite entertaining so feel free to send me the link to your creations !

The core is there :

A first batch of plugins examples has been published so far, more gonna come as we are cleaning them up.

Enjoy !

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