DIY drone - tutorial for developers | Part 2 - The basic toolset

To mount the frame you'll need small TORX (star shape) and Philips (Cross shape) screw drivers. I recommend to buy a set covering every single size of those if you don't already have one.

I bought this one at a Home Depot :

Next, you'll do a lot of wiring / soldering...

To cut the wires, a basic pliers/cutter combo :

To strip the wires, a simple cutter for the very small ones and a normal wire stripper for the big ones :

A small soldering iron, if you can set its temperature it is even better. Try to buy a full kit with a stand and some soldering wire. It will look like this :

You'll need to protect wires from shorting with some heat shrink tubing and if you don't want to play with flames, you can buy a heat gun to shrink them (the heat gun is actually useful for a lot of other things around the house).

To troubleshoot your wiring, you'll need a multimeter :

Now let's order the parts.

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